Prevent google toolbar from updating Malayusex

Until recently when I used the default Google search bar and tapped a search result it would open in Firefox.However there must have been an update to either the search bar or Firefox as the results are now opening in a stripped down Chrome window.I clicked Application in the left pane and scrolled to the approximate time the warning popped up.

I certainly didn't want to switch from searching via Google by default.

Cyber thieves were tricking Gmail and Chrome users into clicking on a fake login that then allowed personal data to be stolen.

The scam was detected by Wordfence, which outlined just how it worked in a blog post on its website.

What was once the gold standard for website authority is now a chapter in SEO history.

Page Rank’s former position as the standard for website authority was frequently leveraged by link sellers making money off website owners who wanted quick boost in rankings.

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