Maually updating msi bios

For example, a Surface Book file name might be "Surface Book_Win10_160400_2" For info about how to see what Windows and Surface updates you already have installed, see the How do I see installed updates on my PC? For descriptions of the Surface updates released so far, see Surface update history.

When updates become available, they’re installed automatically on your Surface over Wi-Fi but may be limited over a metered connection. Windows notifies you if you need to restart your Surface to finish installing an update. Here’s how: Updates to your Surface hardware appear in your update history as either “System Firmware Update - XX/XX/XX” or “System Hardware Update - XX/XX/XX.” (“XX/XX/XX” stands for the date that Microsoft made the Surface update available.) Surface updates are cumulative—if you have the latest Surface update installed, you’re up to date.

For descriptions of the Surface updates released so far, see Surface update history.

After installing Surface or Windows updates, it is important to verify that the updates were completely installed by following the additional steps below.

The main highlights are the keyboard, GPU and the screen.

Another thing I’m pretty happy with is the cooling system.

You typically use this method of deployment for your monthly software updates (generally known as Patch Tuesday) and for managing definition updates.

After following the precautions check that all Surface and Windows updates are installed.

For info about how to check for available updates, see Update Windows 10.

To switch between the two BIOS types, press F7 or click the top-center portion of the screen.

MSI's UEFI allows both mouse and keyboard selection of most settings, and you have the option of changing boot priorities through the bar below live system status in EZ mode, or through a traditional menu in Advanced mode.

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