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Just 11 years old at the time, he later described himself as a shy and studious child whose parents’ divorce drove him to overachieve.As a teen, Duchovny earned a scholarship to attend the Collegiate School in Manhattan.Table Tennis is now my main table tennis website - come visit. The Daily Quarterly, a satirical website (similar to The Onion) did a hilarious "news story" on Oct. Many people believed it to be true, including the part where I was paid .5 million for the film rights. See the ITTF News Item on the ITTF Coaching Seminar I ran at the Maryland Table Tennis Center in April, 2011. It's also featured in the May/June USATT Magazine, along with my article "Changing Bad Technique." (The Cary Cup Open coverage has an extensive passage about my winning the hardbat event, though I was mostly there to coach. Also featured on the video are Marcus Jackson, Amaresh Sahu, Peter Li, and Tong Tong Gong, all ranked at or near the top of their age group in the U. In 2009, my third table tennis book came out, "Table Tennis Tales & Techniques." It's a compilation of my best work over the past 30 years, including lots of interesting (and humorous) stories and many coaching articles. One of the four main characters is a table tennis player, and there are three table tennis scenes.) It's 117,000 words, or 596 pages double spaced. The interviewer, Emma Larkins, asked for the interview after one of the panels I was on at the Capclave SF Convention.16, 2011, about Brad Pitt starring as me in a film adaptation of my book, "Table Tennis Tales & Techniques." I blogged about this on Oct. There's also an ad for MDTTC training camps, so I'm all over this issue.) I expect to run another circa April, 2011. I'm a table tennis player/coach/writer/organizer, but I'm also a science fiction & fantasy writer. The Washington Post did a feature article and video on the elite junior training at Club JOOLA when I was coaching there. I also write science fiction and fantasy short stories - I've sold 67, plus 33 resales, and 15 "Twitter" stories (140 characters or less, about 25 words). My article "The Table Tennis Fantasy Tour" is up at Fantasy Magazine! At the USA Nationals in Las Vegas, in December, 2007, I was caught off guard at the Hall of Fame Banquet when they announced I had won the President's Award for service to the sport of table tennis.Somewhere along the way while most people are attaining adulthood, they either lose their natural childhood curiosity in the sciences and the world around them, or they never obtain it.Reading science journals or even watching documentaries is not among their pastimes.

A rare exception was Stanley Kubrick's 1968 classic While I have no illusions that many folks see films primarily to be entertained and moved emotionally, it is also a sad but true fact that many of these same people receive most of their science "education" from films, consciously or otherwise.It's the first time the ITTF has run such a seminar in the U. (USA Table Tennis has gone through a lot of editors over the years.) Here's the USATT news item on my resigning as editor for twelve years of USA Table Tennis Magazine after the March/April 2007 issue. My first book was , the official coaching manual for USA Table Tennis.I'm also the founder of the USA Table Tennis League. You might have read my book, Table Tennis: Steps to Success. It has been translated into Chinese, Korean, Indonesian, Malaysian and Hebrew, and there are more translations planned. I have a Master's degree in Journalism, and a Bachelor's degree in Math, with concentrations in computer science and chemistry (all from University of Maryland).His Scottish-born mother Margaret, nicknamed Meg, was a teacher and a school administrator.Along with older brother Danny and younger sister Laurie, Duchovny went to live with his mother when his parents separated.

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