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The future Hall of Famer is nearing the end of his career.The 39-year-old is in his 20th season and has yet to win a Stanley Cup.‘Dick and Ian have brought Porridge back to life again with a brilliant script and it is a genuine honour to be involved in a show that is iconic in so many ways,’ said Kevin when the news was announced that he would star in the show.‘Ronnie Barker’s character was one of the most loved in BBC history and the thought of stepping into his grandson’s shoes fills me with both thrills and paralytic fear!

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Crazy folks who are sipping cheap whiskey on a ledge without powdered donuts below to break their fall. Here’s what I hate hearing; Bishop will come home and suddenly click.

The trade deadline has the potential to be relatively quiet.

General managers are still trying to decide whether to buy or sell.

On the page, I loved the banter between the boys, and that's what really inspired me to get in there, and get this job. That's incredible...” Stephan told me a story once about being caught in a hailstorm with a girl he was dating in his straight days.

I met Stephan and luckily I must have convinced him that I was right for the part. I know Stephan's talked about Kris being his doppelganger! I think Stephan's got this thing that he thinks he casts people who look like him in his films! “And it was a hailstone storm, I hid under a car, and I turned around and looked down, and she was dead.” All Stephan's stories ended up with “I turned around, and everybody was dead”. He's got that ability to twist and turn, and make stuff interesting.

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