Intimidating football grounds

Many people think that all Dutch supporters are the same as the orange clad hordes of Oranje who follow the national team - all painted faces, welcoming smiles, pairs of clogs around the neck and always ready to dance with the Brazilians, even after defeat. Here's our take on the most intimidating venues in Dutch football...

Perhaps not, as a trip to many Dutch stadiums, particularly in the 80's and 90's, proves that these are common misconceptions.

Everybody stayed to watch both games and the atmosphere didn't let up for a second. It wouldn't have taken much for the mood to become very ugly very quickly. Instead, they had marksmen patrolling on the roof of the stands with automatic rifles.

And although there wasn't any shooting on the occasion I went there, the Brit expats that me and my mates went to the games with told us that they had fired into the crowd on a number of occasions when things got a bit tasty on the terraces.

Feyenoord One of the greatest footballing arenas in world football, Feyenoord's de Kuip makes for an intimdating place for opposition players and fans alike.

It’s not as large as the Olympic Stadium in Greece but it sure can draw a crowd that is unlike any other.

I guess the guys here who have done away trips will then have to take into account context.

I've only been to one game I felt uneasy at and that was the West Ham Millwall Carling Cup tie where the place went a bit mental.

Nicknames such as “Green Hell” and “Le Chaudron” (the Chauldron) should paint the picture.

Hostility is not necessarily the only factor that can be intimidating in a stadium.

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