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For the poll let's say that the person is someone you'd definitely consider dating under normal circumstances but I'm not going to say that they're otherwise perfect (if you answered "no" to the poll but would be willing if the person was indeed otherwise perfect feel free to share). So yes, I'd be willing to try, and if things worked out well and we were really into each other, I'm sure we could work out a way to try to keep the transmission issue under control.

Keep in mind that s/he was saying that herpes is not a big deal in comparison to HIV which is most definitely a huge deal. For the purposes of the poll let's say that they have a minor case (not too disgusting, visually) but obviously with a risk of infecting others. But being willing to date someone isn't the same thing as making a lifetime commitment.

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Would you consider dating someone who informed you that they genital herpes? I say that with the realization that I don't know just *how* difficult it is to prevent transmission, and whether that means there can't ever be spontaneous sex.

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Finding out down the road that their partners has herpes.

Why the heck would I want to risk having to mess with cootchie sores for the rest of my life? She has been married for 20 years, and with her husband for years before that.

They are careful during outbreaks, which she can always feel coming on, and her husband has not gotten herpes in all those years.

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