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It took me two minutes to see she was a star.” She has four Billboard Hot 100 number ones thus far as a solo act “SOS”, “Umbrella”, “Take a Bow”, “Disturbia.” She has one additional number one singing on T. The 27-year-old Barbados bombshell could not have said it better herself.She either has a lot of athletic "friends" or, more likely, she enjoys the company of man in amazing physical condition with excellent hand-eye coordination, if you know what I mean.We've done a lot of important research to catalog Rhi Rhi's full athletic dating history and preserve it for future generations.

Later, Rihanna also attended a game where Bynum was playing. When asked by if he and Rihanna are seeing each other, he offered a simple "No" and insisted there was no budding romance between the duo.I couldn’t believe they insulted me like that.” Well dang girl, no need to throw shade.2009 was a big dating year for Rihanna and ballers.You can find her work on sites such as Fox, and Currently Jill is a host for After Buzz TV and has frequent guest appearances on ESPN radio and Yahoo Sports.

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