Amibroker charts not updating

To ensure you are connected to the data feed so your charts will update, select File Connect to Data Feed menu command is disabled and cannot be selected, this indicates Sierra Chart is connected to the data feed.If you are not able to connect to the data feed, refer to Help Topic 1.Before updating begins, the price box displayed on the right side of the chart will show the current price.If the chart is completely blank, the current price is outside the scale range of the price graph, or the chart window is not scrolled to the last bar in the chart, then the current price will not be shown.

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Consider the following code: When running this code on 350000 bars the loop version it takes 100ms (0.1s) to execute loop version and only 2ms (0.002ms) to execute array version (so array code is 50 times faster than looping).

Overview Requirements Installation FAQ Overview Norgate has developed an integration system for Ami Broker that creates a database for each of our data products.

The integration scripts that we provide automatically populate a large number of useful Amibroker symbol lists (Markets, Groups and Watchlists) and provide Watchlist updates.

If you have subscribed to more than one service, then you will need to run each relevant script (this will not interfere with your existing Ami Broker workspaces - new ones will be created).

Installers for the various integration scripts are available from our Downloads area.

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